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Top 10 CV Mistakes

Even the simplest mistakes, can dramatically decrease your chances of success. Make sure you avoid these most common ones:

  1. Spelling Mistakes – the #1 hate for all recruiters and negatively scored by ATS
  2. Grammar Errors – these make you look unprofessional and puts doubt in the mind of your language ability, even before meeting you
  3. Sex, Race & Religion – discrimination is taken seriously, always ensure your CV is a neutral document
  4. Photo – never add a photo to your CV, unless you’re CV is for a creative art casting or modelling.

Top 10 CV Must Haves

A modern CV needs to contain a certain level of information. Follow this, in order, and you’ll cover what is needed.

  1. Contact Information – telephone, email, address & LinkedIn profile
  2. Strong Personal Statement – in about 4-5 lines, clearly define who you are, what you do, and what you want to do
  3. Education – list highest level first i.e., University, College, School
  4. Professional Certifications & Training – never add a photo to your CV, unless you’re CV is for a creative art casting or modelling.

The STAR Technique

The STAR technique is the recognised #1 industry standard, and if used correctly will help you create a winning CV.

In short, the STAR technique helps you “paint a picture” in words. It instantly resonates and captures the attention of recruiters, plus, it is 100% ATS friendly. By using the STAR technique, you present your career history in a way people and technology can quickly understand and helps them gather the information they need to qualify you.

If implemented correctly, you will dramatically improve your CV and increase you chances of success, by being invited to more interviews.

Follow these simple rules to ensure your CV shines like a STAR!

  • Situation: Describe the situation (Job Title, Company Name, Time)
  • Task: What were your job responsibilities?
  • Action: What did you do and why did you do it?
  • Results: What did you achieve through your actions?

TIP FROM AN EXEPERT – “Review your own CV using the STAR technique, if it’s not clear to you, it won’t be to others.”

ATS & Machine Learning

Make your CV 100% ATS compatible and easy to scan by Robots (and Humans). Due to the volume of applications, virtually all employers now use Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) and Machine Learning (ML) tools and technology to help screen CVs. Use these simple technique to help ensure your CV is 100% friendly.

Spelling & Grammar

Initially hand-crafted our dictionary now uses Machine Learning to help continually identify new words and develop. If a word is not recognised in our dictionary, for your safety, we will still flag this as an ‘error’. Remember, the #1 hate by all recruiters and employers is spelling and grammar mistakes. Always check and double check your CV, use online tools and ask family and friends to read it. The more eyes the better!

What we do

  1. Run a free spell check in either British or American English
  2. Identify words for review/correction and provide suggestions
  3. Run a free grammar check and provide suggestions
  4. Check for punctuation errors and capitalisation errors
  5. Check for Naughty words


Due to Global communication, both British and American English are equally acceptable. The only thing to be careful about is consistency in your writing. Don’t mix them, pick the one you want, and stick with it.

As a rule, if you call it a “CV” use British English, and if you call it a “Resume”, use American English.