ATS & Machine Learning

Make your CV 100% ATS compatible and easy to scan by Robots (and Humans). Due to the volume of applications, virtually all employers now use Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) and Machine Learning (ML) tools and technology to help screen CVs. Use these simple technique to help ensure your CV is 100% friendly.

  • Make it ease to read by following the STAR technique
  • Use traditional headings like “Career History” and “Education” to help ATS read the CV
  • Only use standard fonts, sizes and colours
  • Do not include tables, text boxes etc
  • Avoid all types of fancy formatting
  • Do not use free online templates which may already be corrupt
  • Incorporate relevant keywords throughout your CV 2-3 times
  • Never leave out dates of employment
  • Avoid photos, images and graphics
  • Use standard page margins including the footer and header
  • Be relevant and use standard job titles and responsibilities
  • Do not send your CV in a closed document such as PDF