Top 10 CV Must Haves

A modern CV needs to contain a certain level of information. Follow this, in order, and you’ll cover what is needed.

  1. Contact Information – telephone, email, address & LinkedIn profile
  2. Strong Personal Statement – in about 4-5 lines, clearly define who you are, what you do, and what you want to do
  3. Education – list highest level first i.e., University, College, School
  4. Professional Certifications & Training – sometimes critical to even hire you i.e., say you work in Oil & Gas off-shore, you may need certain certification to be able to. Make sure you list these then
  5. Key Skills – keep short by using bullet points. Ensure key words are listed as both ATS and human recruiters will rank you on these
  6. Soft Skills – more and more employers hire on who you are, not what you do. Adding soft skills will help show your personality
  7. Awards & Key Achievements – don’t be shy, sell your successes
  8. Career History – be relevant. Use the STAR technique and list in order of most recent job first. Only give detail on the last circa 5 jobs, people do not need detail on what you did 10-15 years ago!
  9. Volunteer Experience – only add if it is directly relevant
  10. Interests – only add if there is room, or, it is directly relevant