Top 10 CV Mistakes

Even the simplest mistakes, can dramatically decrease your chances of success. Make sure you avoid these most common ones:

  1. Spelling Mistakes – the #1 hate for all recruiters and negatively scored by ATS
  2. Grammar Errors – these make you look unprofessional and puts doubt in the mind of your language ability, even before meeting you
  3. Sex, Race & Religion – discrimination is taken seriously, always ensure your CV is a neutral document
  4. Photo – never add a photo to your CV, unless you’re CV is for a creative art casting or modelling. 
  5. Colours & fonts – a CV is a factual document, not a creative piece of art. Always use standard fonts with standard sizes and traditional colour only
  6. Layout – avoid unnecessary tables, boxes and formatting. These distract the reader and cause issues with ATS
  7. Age – never add your date of birth. It does not matter how young or old you are, it is only about if you can actually do the job
  8. References – never list references on your CV, some recruiters use these to contact your old bosses, and try and sell their services to them
  9. Non editable formatting – sending your CV in a non-editable format, will damage your chances of landing interviews
  10. Write a CV, not a book! – The average length of a CV is 2 pages, a Resume can often be just 1 page. Keep your content short and to the point.